Meatballs with cuttlefish


• 400gm of minced pork meat
• 400gm of prawns
• 2 eggs
• 400gm of cuttlefish
• Garlic
• Parsley
• Pepper
1 onion
• Tomato sauce
• Pine nuts
• Hazels
• Almonds
• Toasted bread
• A cup of sour wine
• Bread crumbs soaked in a mild white wine

Chop the prawn meat and mix with the pork, chopped garlic, parsley, bread crumbs and two whisked eggs, salt and pepper. Make the meatballs and cover with flour. Fry the prawn heads in oil and take out to boil, to get a thick stock. In the oil that was left fry the meatballs and separate.
In the same oil with a little more added if necessary, fry the cuttlefish and separate also. Use the same oil to fry the chopped onion and the tomato sauce and when the fried tomato and onion is cooked add the cuttlefish, part of the stock obtained from the prawns and the chopped garlic, parsley, toasted bread, almonds, pine nuts and hazels, diluted with the cup of sour wine.
When the cuttlefish is tender, add the meatballs and leave to cook briefly. Serve.