Salted cuttlefish

Ingredients (4 people)

600gm of cleaned cuttlefish
6 small and 3 big green onions
1 piece of garlic
2 dl of olive oil
200 gm of mature tomatoes
3 table spoonfuls of tomato sauce
10cl of white wine
4 twigs of parsley
A little bit of chilli
White pepper

Cut the cuttlefish in squares of approximately one centimetre. Cut the spring onion in slices. Chop the peeled tomato without seeds. Chop the garlic and the parsley.
Put half the oil in a frying pan and when it is well heated, add the garlic and before they go a golden colour add the pieces of cuttlefish. Leave to brown lightly. If you see that a lot of water comes out you can retire from the heat a little. When the cuttlefish is well cooked, take out of the frying pan and reserve to one side. Put the rest of the olive oil into the same frying pan and the spring onions in slices and the garlic. Give it a few stirs and add the chopped tomato and the cuttlefish well drained of oil. Now we soak in the wine and lower the heat to a minimum. At this point we can put a lid on the pan or the casserole and leave to cook at a low heat for twenty minutes. Once this time has passed add the tomato sauce and improve to taste with the salt and pepper. Leave to cook for another five minutes and serve.