Stewed cuttlefish

Ingredients (4 people)

1 cuttlefish of one and a half kilos (approx)
3 onions
4 pieces of garlic
1 red pepper
3 tomatoes
3 potatoes
1 laurel leaf
Chicken stock
Olive Oil

Clean the cuttlefish well and cut into finger sized pieces. Chop the onions, the garlic, cut the pepper, the parsley and tomatoes. Fry the onions, the garlic, the pepper, the parsley, the tomatoes and the laurel leaf in a saucepan with hot oil. Leave to cook until you have a homogenous sauce. Stir with a spatula occasionally. Add the cubes of cuttlefish season and add the stock little by little. Peel and clean the potatoes. Cut in cubes and season.
20 minutes before the cooking is finished add the potatoes and leave to cook. Serve hot in the same casserole.