Medallions of Hake in squid ink

Ingredients (6 people)

1 kilo of large hake with its back bone
10 bags of squid ink
2 large onions
1 glass of white wine
Olive oil

Seperate the meat of the hake from it´s back bone. Take off the skin and form in the shape of medallions. Prepare a stock cooking in water the bones of the hake and the bags of squid ink and then pass through a colander.
Cut the onion finely and put it in a casserole with olive oil and a low heat until transparent. Then add the white wine and leave to evaporate the alcohol, pour in the fish stock. Leave to boil for various minutes mash everything and pass through a vegetable mill. Leave to boil until it becomes thicker.
Now put the medallions of hake in the sauce and put everything in the oven, 250 degrees during 10 minutes, the time can vary depending how you like the fish, I like it a little done. Once finished serve it accompanied with cooked potatoes or sauted vegetables.