Galician octopus

Ingredients (4 people)

1 and 1/4kg of octopus
1 laurel leaf
2 tablespoons of paprika
4 tablespoons of olive oil

After cleaning the octopus carefully. Hit the octopus so that it becomes more tender and then leave for two hours to repose. To hit it use a wooden pestle or mallet. Heat a large saucepan with abundant water and laurel. When it boils, submerge the octopus 3 or 4 times holding by a part or with tongs. Then leave to boil until you can test that it is cooked. To do this pierce with a fork. If the octopus is frozen leave to boil in the water with laurel and salt. In this case it is not necessary to hit it. Once tender, we drain well, cut it and place in a serving dish.
Sprinkle with paprika (better if it is slightly spicy) and cover with olive oil. Season lightly with a fine salt. Move the octopus with a wooden spoon so that it absorbs the dressing well.